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*It was late at night. Snow was lightly falling, illuminated only by the sparse streetlights around the bus station. Tallix knew a blizzard was coming...he was listening to the radio on his cat ear headphones and had heard it announced an hour or two ago. He didn't feel worried though; the bus would be here any minute and carry him to the stop nearest to his warm, cozy apartment. He didn't work late often, but when he did, he liked to admire the night as he waited at the station

There was more than just subdued light and drifting snow to admire tonight however; he noticed another figure nearby who was perhaps waiting for the bus as well? A rather pretty figure with pink hair. He wanted to go say hi, but subtly watched her for a minute or two more*

Date: 2017-01-15 08:55 am (UTC)
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*Sonico puts the gloves down between their feet, so that whoever wants them can pick them up. They could even have one each*


*Sonico nods in response to his question and wraps her arms round her knees*

So where were you supposed to be going to tonight? Do you need to let anyone know where you are?

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